Podcast Roundup 7/17

Well hello, my chipper young nerds! It’s about that time again, yes that special time when I come to you bearing new (to me) podcasts that I ferreted out by doing the absolute bare minimum of research, listened to, and enjoyed. I also read a book since last we spoke! In audio form, of course, because sitting down regularly for long enough to be able to focus on the written word is an adulthood box I’ve yet to check. Let’s get into it!



The Good Place the podcast by NBC

I don’t generally find the OFFICIAL podcast of anything particularly tantalizing – if it’s media you’re so enamored with you’ve come to hear a podcast about it, you can be sure the officially branded and licensed podcast will be nothing but the same anecdotes and trivia you’ve heard over and over again already. The Good Place The Podcast, however, is an absolute delight. Hosted by Marc Evan Jackson (who plays Shawn), the podcast focuses on season 1 of TGP by episode, inviting an actor and crew person to reflect on the content of the ep at hand and on their TGP experience at large. Light interviewing, further anecdotes, theme analyzation and the repeated admiration of Ted Danson – this show about a show’s got it all. It inspired a full The Good Place season 1 and 2 rewatch that left me bereft upon its close. Fear not – The Good Place returns to the airwaves 9/27. Listen to this podcast in the delicious torment of anticipation.



The Last Movie by Public Radio Alliance

PRA is best known by me for Tanis, it’s sprawling sci fi/horror opus concerned with everything from the deep web to Baba Yaga. I enjoyed what I heard from Tanis – I believed they did jump the shark a little bit, and in my opinion their voice acting could occasionally be a little tighter, but the writing is there and it’s possible they have a greater game plan in mind that will tie everything together. The Last Movie is a branch off of the Tanis family tree, featuring a few of the same characters. This pod takes a deeper look at one of the mysterious and suspicious concepts brought up previously on Tanis. In tone it’s very similar to Tanis, but there’s only a few episodes currently, as opposed to Tanis’ 4 seasons. Worth listening to, and if you like the format, I’d recommend the first ~2 seasons of Tanis.



Bubble by Maximum Fun

If you’re into Max Fun podcasts, no doubt you’ve already fallen in love with Bubble. Featuring a fun an exciting plot, excellent voice artists you’ll recognize from your other subscribed podcasts (I listened because the MBMBAM boys appear in an episode, but John Hodgeman and others also make themselves known), strong characters and an excellent and an unusual “John Dies At The End” narrative flavor, I highly recommend checking out Bubble’s five premiere episodes.


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