I’ve had a weird love affair with Ann Taylor/Anne Taylor Loft, now simply “LOFT”, a la one of your Chers or your Katyas, since I was a dirty youth. Synonymous with a more mature take on modern business wear, I loved AT when I was a young 20 something with something to prove and I’m still drawn to it today as a withered 30 something who works in an industry/office where people wear beat-up sneakers and graphic teesin tandem with coworkers sporting a leopard kitten heel and a jazzy ice cream pant. Both of these options deserve their place, but it seems you are free to make your own aesthetic in the world of higher education.

LOFT launched LOFT+ last February in 2018 with, to my mind, mixed reviews. GlitterandLazers, Laura Berns and LearningToBeFearless all did haul reviews of some of the pieces. I wasn’t thrilled with the fit of any of the items, and the fact that the pants absolutely did not work for GlitterandLazer’s body made me doubtful. I’m not a pear like she is, more of a rectangle, but I have big butt and often have problems with hip-to-waist ratios (doesn’t everyone?).

However, I did get a real life review from my friend Hannah who messaged me specifically to tell me how much she loved the new collection, and Hannah is known by me for being a die-hard Eileen Fischer stan, and that’s a medium high end brand that I’m compelled to buy when I see it at Savers no matter the style, size or fit. This is how I’m making my fashion decisions. Cool that I’m so BLOGGY about it.

Here are a few things I’m interested in from LOFT+’s current collection.

A typical “me” print, but that immediately makes me think I shouldn’t get it. Also thats a lot of froufrou around the neckline, I tend to like to downplay that area when I can. But still, a prink tropical print gets me every time. Link
This pattern and color combo caught my eye at first because it’s a loud print and a loud color, both things I love, but a garment like this can differ completely in its online photo and its real world existence. This is a gamble; its either great or very cheap. Also the print swallows the ruching at the sleeves, which could be fine or annoying. In short, this might look cheap, and it’s $60, so I’m skeptical. Link
This is intriguing and I love the color, although with my arms I’m asking for heartbreak – this looks like it’s never even heard of stretch. Also only available in a 22. Link
Absolutely unclear whether this is actually good or I’ll never wear as long as I live. You will have to shave your legs which is like, terribly unlikely. Link
Ok I may actually need to get this. I’m on the hunt for dece jumpsuits/rompers long enough to wear to the office, and this is cute. A smocked anything is always a good sign, and look at the absolute ecstasy the model is in while wearing it. Link
An extremely legit garment. Looks like a soft fit and flare, lightly defined waist, in a non-offensive color all skin tones could wear. Suspicious zipper on the back, which might be a nice touch or an annoying one, depending on the fabric. Link


If LOFT wants to send me some of these items I will gladly review them in person for you. Right now, my credit card is hurting. Still, that jumpsuit and that last dress…..tempting. We’ll see!


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